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About us

We are an aluminium and steel construction company with our headquarters in A-9341 Strassburg, Mellach 6, Carinthia. Our area of activity covers the entire area of Austria.

The firm Selinger was founded as a farriery and cartwright's workshop in Gundersdorf 8 near Strassburg by Otto Selinger in 1912 and taken over by Johann Selinger sen. In 1960. Until 1982 it was further developed into a blacksmith and vehicle construction business. Since 1982 the firm has been managed by Johann Selinger and was reorganised in 1998 to become the Metallbau Selinger GmbH. In 1998 our company moved into its new business location at Mellach 6 where we can handle orders much more efficient, from planning work on several AutoCAD workstations to manufacture with the most modern machine fleet to professional installation.

The core areas of our company that looks back on 100 years of successful business include the construction of fa├žades made of aluminium, steel and glass, sunrooms, gates, windows, steel constructions, roofing, banisters, automatic doors and gates, fire protection gates of aluminium and steel, carports as well as all sorts of metalwork.

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