1912 Foundation of the Otto Selinger Farriery and Cartwright's Workshop
1918 Acquisition of the Blacksmith's Workshop Gundersdorf, Strassburg
Agricultural Repairs, Vehicle Construction
1953 Takeover by Hans Selinger
Vehicle construction, artist blacksmith, small-scale locksmith work
Number of employees: 3 - 4
1982 Takeover by Johann Selinger (sole proprietorship)
Building locksmith – residential building
1997 Construction of new business premises at Mellach 6, Strassburg
1200 m² of workshops and 230 m² of offices
Number of employees: 12
1998 Reorganisation of the sole proprietorship business into the Metallbau Selinger GmbH
Managing Partner: Johann Selinger
Partner: Emilis Selinger
1998 Until 2009, increase of no. of staff to approx. 45
2010 Extension of the location at Mellach 6, Strassburg
Workshop extension to 2800 m² Manipulation and consignment space by
7000 m² of consignment places
Increase of no. of employees to approx. 65

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